Workshops with the IPG at the 19th international congress for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes

Workshops with the IPG at the 19th international congress for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes

Rovinj, Kroatien

1. Cocreation and Transformation: the power of bringing the new into the world – together

Where does the new come from – in the world and in our behavior towards the world? Is the new an iterative development of the already existing or is it radical change and transformation? Is there a source for emergence and how can we tap into that source as individuals and as groups?

At the Institute for Particiaptory Design we understand every design process as cocreation: the interplay of humans with the forces of the respective fields: physical forces of space and environment as well as psychic and emotional forces of history, experience, behavior, understanding and belief. In the right methodological setting this process can generate its own dynamic of transformation and creative development towards new ideas, concepts, spaces and things. Understood in this way the new shows neither as the result of a deterministic equation or algorithm of the already existing nor as a contingent and arbitrary result by chance. It is rather the outcome of a generative and meaningful process, rooted in its context, shaped through vibrant transformative dynamics and open to emerging possibilities.

2. The Field-Process-Model: understanding the dynamics of transformative group processes

During our work in participatory and collaborative design processes we made the experience that successful processes undergo certain recurring stages and qualities which can also be found in other natural processes of life and creation. We started to build a general model of these qualities to picture and understand the dynamics of cocreation and transformation in group processes more fully. But rather than developing just another step by step guide for setting up a methodological procedure for managing innovation and transformation in groups, our interest lies in deeply understanding the dynamics of generative processes, to be able to interact with them creatively. The model is built on the insight that fields and processes are two sides of the same phenomena, while a field is understood as the spacial description of a process at a given time and a process as the chronological description of a dynamic field. This field-process is able to change its state and qualities according to the interactions of its participateurs while reciprocally influencing their behavior through its own dynamic. With the Field-Process-Model we can choose the methods of interaction in this dynamic to enable positive transformation and innovation in groups.

In this workshop we will explain our understanding of the Field-Process-Modell and will give participants the opportunity to reflect processes from their own field of work and their methodological choices in comparison to the assertions made with the model. Hopefully this will lead to refining the model as well as giving new insights to our professional practice.